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Alastair’s Photo Fiction – The Commemoration

alastair photo fiction

When Jasmine swung from ropes in her attic, no one thought that she would become the finest gymnast in her country. In fact, she was scolded and ordered to behave by the righteous adults.  However, they soon found out that she was a child prodigy. But, the surprise was that Justin next door enrolled in medical university at the age of 12. Mary of the opposite house displayed athletic skills at the tender age of 3 and brought home top world medals at the age of 10. Edwina in the last house of the street became a high jump champion.

The world soon took notice of the Prodigy Street and families thronged to rent or buy an apartment there; sentimentally hoping their children would achieve greatness. Sadly, this never happened. It was strange that the next generation of families in Prodigy Street did not have children.

You can find the statue of the world-renowned children in Prodigy Street. If you want to take a snap, visit Loola Land in the far corner of the earth.

Written for Alastair’s Photo Fiction