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Alastair’s Photo Fiction: The Dancing Partner

alastair_photo fiction
“Somebody has been shot.” screamed Ron, bringing the cruise ship dance to a halt.
“Who? Where?” cried Walter. Then there began a hurried search amongst the dancers. Later, they discovered an old gentleman holding his heart and slipping down.
“Walter, treat him, man. Come along.” shouted someone. The reluctant doctor moved from the dancing room towards the dining hall. Walter, after checking his patient, ordered him to be moved to his room, saying that he would get back to him in a few minutes.
“Hasn’t he been shot?” asked his friend, disappointedly
“Nope. Apparently he had fainted from the commotion in the dancing floor.”
“But Ron said…”
“I know. I just repeated what my dancing partner told me.” said Ron
“Where is that girl? I danced with her, but had never seen her before. ”
“Me neither. She asked me for a dance.”
“I danced with her too. Hey, I am not able to find my wallet.”
Everyone complained of some loss. Ron hurried to the deck, feeling his finger for his expensive ring. He saw a helicopter flying close to the ship and a pair of red heels disappearing inside.

Alastair’s Photo Fiction – Ruslan’s Timetable

alastair_photo fiction
“Monday evening – Read up your biology from four to five. Chemistry lessons from five to six. Learn Physics from six to seven. Just spend half an hour each on English and Maths, since you are so good at these subjects. If you strictly follow these, you will be a class topper.”
Ruslan sighed, thankful that his father had missed the weekends. Just then, his father wrote the weekend timetable and circled them.
A few weeks later, his father breathed these last words before he passed away, “Study. Your future…” The next day, a tearful Ruslan and his mother were evacuated from the house by creditors.
Fifteen years later, Ruslan returned to his house. “Hurry up”, his boss shouted at him. The timetable was still there in the table, though the markings were faded. His father’s hollow voice rang in his ears.  “Your future..”
Ruslan took his carpentry tools and slowly followed his boss.
This was written for Alastair’s Photo Fiction.

Alastair’s Photo Fiction – Mary’s Gift

alastair_photo fiction

This was the cheapest ornament he could find in the gift shop. However, it glittered and looked huge. So, Larry took it home. Mary looked at the ornament with shining eyes. She dangled it lovingly on the Christmas tree.

Everyday she went over to the living room to check if her precious glittering ball was still there.  She touched it and even kissed it when she thought no one was looking. Larry noticed everything and felt envious of the ornament. He started buying expensive designer ornaments for the tree. Larry even went around decorating the house with lights and got a new Christmas tree. He decorated the tree with all ornaments, except the cheap ornament. Next day, he found it in a prominent place on the tree.

Exasperated, he unfastened the ornament from the tree and tossed it away. Mary picked it up from the rubble, “This is the first thing you bought for me in the 25 years of our life together. I would never throw it away.”

This was written for Alastair’s Photo Fiction.

Picture it & Write – Soul


I lay in the couch. A few people stood, still few wiping their eyes. My soul hovered around the room, restless, impatient and anxious. The man I loved stood on the porch, his face turned away from my body. Hardened by years, he displayed no emotion. My tortured soul was struck in the room, prepared to haunt the unloving earth for ever.

All of a sudden, he turned partly around. A lone tear, perhaps prompted by some distant memory, fell from his eyes. In that tear, my soul found eternal peace.

This was written for Ermilia’s Picture it & Write.


Alastair’s Photo Fiction – During the Meeting

alastair_photo fiction

The meeting was conducted in a secret room, marked ‘Private’.

“This is very important, gentlemen. All our agents are missing, including Mr Derek Sparrow, and we don’t know what happened to them.”

“There are no remains either.”

“The enemy camp was raided last week and they found Mr Sparrow’s clothing.”

The men were still contemplating when a bird flew in through the window and sat on the table.

“I am Derek Sparrow.” said the bird.

There was stunned silence for a minute. Then one of the men blurted out, “But you are a Pigeon…”

“Listen, you chump…” the Pigeon started in an abusive tone

“Oh! This is indeed Mr Sparrow.” said the head, convinced

Alastair’s Photo Fiction – Danny

alastair_photo fiction

Danny felt that he was five years old as he listened to Mr Bowman’s account of the swearing-in ceremony. Indeed, he had been five when had last seen the parliament at close quarters. His parents were poor immigrants and Danny had gone through a lot.

“Will the ministers assemble by 9 AM?” asked Danny

“Yes. And the swearing-in ceremony starts by 9:30.”

“Are we too early, Mr Bowman?” asked Danny, smiling.

“No, Mr Prime Minister, we are just on time.” said the National Security Advisor as he led the prime minister-elect inside the parliament.

The short story above was written for Alastair’s photo fiction. Alastair has interesting photos each week. So, do check them out and take part in this exciting challenge.

Friday Fictioneers – The Crown Prince

friday fictioneers

“This is our gift to the crown prince.” the sage told the king, beckoning to the men who carried three boxes. The king signalled to the prince to open the red box. It revealed a beautiful woman with reddish blond hair and gentle blue eyes. The prince’s eyes shone as he walked over to the blue one. It opened to a svelte Eastern beauty with raven hair and wild dark eyes.

The smitten prince strolled to the white box, his eyes shining with greed. Upon finding the box empty, he went inside. He was calm when he emerged two minutes later. He removed his crown and handed them to his father, “I renounce everything.” he said as he walked barefoot to the forest.

This was written for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers. Thanks to Rich Voza for the photo.

Alastair’s Photo Fiction – The Return

alastair_photo fiction

Mr Burns reached the shore and saw the disarray in his immediate neighbourhood. He quickly took a shovel and began to work. After he was satisfied, he went inside the house to see his old books scattered around. He dusted and arranged them in order. It was amazing that he was able to accomplish so much in a short period of time.

Mr Burns proceeded to dust his photo on the wall. Below his picture was the inscription, Simon Burns, 1920-1949. The housekeeper entered his room and fainted with a scream.

‘Never does her job, but faints and spreads stories.’ thought Simon Burns, disgruntled, as he floated out of the house.

Written for Alastair’s Photo Fiction.

Friday Fictioneers – Credit Card Debt


Johnson peered inside, ‘Mary, are you done?

“No, dear. I just saw a beautiful silk gown. I will be back.”

She disappeared. Johnson looked inside, but Mary was nowhere to be found. He looked forlorn.

“Who is that?” a surprised customer asked the saleswoman, Joan.

“Oh! He is old Mr Johnson. His spendthrift wife died while shopping here and left him with a credit card debt of $50,000. He has been that way ever since.”

The customer looked dumb-struck while another salesgirl suppressed her giggle. Joan was so good at telling stories.

Meanwhile, Mary, alive and well, was shopping in the other part of the store.

Thanks to Rochelle for hosting Friday Fictioneers and John Nixon for the photo.

Picture it & Write – Cheryl’s Wedding Gown


When Charlie proposed to Cheryl, she made sensational plans for her wedding. She had just ordered the wedding gown when Charlie backed out, saying that she was not the woman for him. Though Cheryl was highly disappointed, she kept the gown. Next was Larry, the stand-up comedian. Cheryl bought a new wedding gown, as the older one reminded her of Charlie. But, sadly, Larry deserted her at the altar, sending a note that said that she was ‘too serious’ to be his wife.

Then, she was proposed by Freddie, the football player; Harry, the poet and Jimmy, the con man (!) None of them worked for her and Cheryl abandoned the idea of marriage at 32. Fifteen years later, she met Russell. When she accepted his proposal after thinking long and hard, she rejected the idea of a formal wedding. Russell relented and they were married at the register office, with Cheryl dressed in casual jeans. Before departing for her honeymoon, Cheryl gave away her five wedding gowns to the charity, and finally washed away the memories of her past relationships.

This was written for Ermilia’s Picture it & Write