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Friday Fictioneers – The Disfigured Doll


“This old piano belongs to my first wife. Would you play for me?” asked Charles to Ruby, his girlfriend.

Ruby sat in front of the piano and removed a disfigured doll. Slowly, she started tuning the piano.

Just as she was finding music, she heard a scream.

“How dare you throw my grandson’s toy to the floor? Who are you?”

Ruby saw an old woman with dishevelled hair and wrinkled dress in the foot of the stairs.

“This is my mother-in-law.” said Charles, embarrassed and resigned. He waited for her to leave.

But, Ruby picked the toy from the floor, dusted it and walked to the old lady. “I am so sorry. Tell me about your grandson.” she said, softly.

This was written for Friday Fictioneers, hosted by Rochelle. Thanks to John Nixon for the photo.