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Friday Fictioneers – Sam’s Job


“I have to clean the barn and fetch some fresh corn and oats.” said Sam

“What next?”

“The new horse seems so restless. He needs to be exercised.”

“I noticed the grey mare was rather unsteady.”

“We need to look into it. She might have stepped on some stones.” said Sam

“Why can’t Carson do his work? He is the groom, after all.”

“Oh! The owner does not trust humans. That is why we are here.” said Sam, the workhorse, as he reached for the hose pipe.

Thank you, Rochelle, for hosting Friday Fictioneers. Thanks to Doug for this lovely photo.

Seabiscuit – An Inspiration

Unconventional and a nonentity in his initial days

Lethargic and given to his unique ways

He slowly gained momentum

and surprised his mentors

by displaying greatness

rising from any injury

standing first

with few words of encouragement

beating legends

and inspiring a whole generation


He is still remembered

for his speed, skills

and mostly determination

Leon – The Racehorse

There was a racehorse named Leon

He commanded like a lion

Fastest in any race

He ran amongst debris and haze

With eyes cast down, he looked a demure woman

With raised eyes, he looked like a proud dominant male

Like a royal he was fed

He dismissed the unwanted with a toss of his head

He loathed fear

In anyone who stood near

But he feared the look of old racehorses

Now huddled in the barn

Faster than he was in their heydays

And always wondered about the day

He would be relegated to a corner

The Horse in the Dark Stable

Through the door of the dark stable

Peeked a sick horse

At healthier ones grazing

And playing in the wetland


He could only stumble

As he tossed his head in vigour

At uncaring horses

Engaged in their own pursuit


He gazed at the distant rubble

Wishing for strength

So that he could fly with the wind

Have his fill of the wet grass

And hover impatiently in his stable

For the next dawn