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White Leaves

All the trees in my country

have white barks that

give birth to white leaves.

Some stems have no offspring

while others have mutilated leaves. 

I have a disfigured face and my

grown friend needs help dressing up. 

All of us fear toy guns, water guns 

and any signs of violence.

Yet I have seen videos

of your world 1000 years ago.

A beautiful world with green leaves

and healthy children.

I shudder at the anger and violence in your eyes. 

We are now reaping your thirst for blood 

and your experiment with nuclear war.

See for yourself. 

All the trees in my country

have lifeless white barks

that mourn

the loss of humanity.

Night – An Expression

When creatures of the dark crawl out of hiding

To explore their limited freedom.

When fear of the unknown creeps in

And shadows make the heart thud.

When even footsteps are alert

To the feeling of being watched.

When gossips of the day disappear

And conscience wakes up with regret.

When dreams of hope move in

Presenting a new dawn, a new future.