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The Old Library


The creaky staircase,

which has not seen paint in years

and the dark path

on which powerful eyes stumble

lead to an old library

filled with ancient books,

rats feed on the countless

pages of knowledge and entertainment,

authors valued centuries ago

lie torn amongst

mice, bugs and roaches

in a dusty old building

Your Description of Beauty

Is beauty in the eye of the beholder? Do most of us not have similar tastes when it comes to a perfect beauty? Some admire while others are envious, but many carve to achieve this look. Aspiring models throng the lounge of fashion coordinators with portfolios in hand and dreams in heart. Many return back, dejected, as the strict criteria does not offer a place for everyone. Actresses profusely take the help of plastic surgeons to get the ‘look’.  Their affluent followers are not far behind in imitating them.

This desire for beauty is not newly acquired. Noblemen of previous centuries have also been enslaved to the concept of beauty. They were known to be resourceful in using plant and animal products to embellish their looks. The most powerful and unvanquished of men have fallen for good looks.

Both historical and contemporary poets and writers are not far behind in their description of attractive protagonists. Sidney Sheldon’s heroines are almost always beautiful. However, his leading male characters are just average, but very intelligent and nice of character. Most conventionally good-looking male characters in his novels are villainous or highly immoral. On the other hand, Georgette Heyer’s heroes are almost always extraordinarily attractive. The female protagonists, even if they possess all other finer qualities, are just normal in appearance. Stephanie Meyer’s Edward is the epitome of perfection. However, Bella is just said to have an ordinary, but ‘interesting face’.  Are these just characters or reflections of the author’s inner feelings? Is it not true that many dreams and thoughts make up stories, plots and characters? Authors, at least at one point of time, may imagine themselves as one of the protagonists in their creation. Is it also not a fact that most of us want the best for ourselves, irrespective of how we are?