“Caesar doesn’t belong with us, Sal,” Clare said firmly.

“Don’t do this. He’d never survive the predators.”

“Don’t deer co-exist with lions?”

“Caesar is domesticated.”

“We are forcing him into domestication.”

“But we treat him as an equal…like a human”

“Humans are not chained. We should let him go.”

They had come to the dense part of the jungle. Clare let Caesar down. He licked her hands and wagged his tail.

“Nobody owns you now, Caesar,” Clare said, softly, “You are free.”

Caesar heard a howl from afar. He took a few tentative steps, then ran into the wild.

This was written for the Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge.

9 thoughts on “Freedom

  1. I grew up on the Washo lands and lived in Arizona among the Navajo. Both peoples believe all animals are free. Especially on the Navajo rez, dogs are wild. This bothers non Natives who don’t understand what the sovereignty of nations means to Natives. Dogs are free people. Clare’s opinion would be shared.

  2. Very nice take! I pictured Caesar being a deer from the storyline. Once I had someone come up my driveway to tell me that there was a fawn in my driveway, really close to the road. They said they moved it so it wouldn’t get hit by a car. I went down to look and sure enough there was the fawn. I thought it had died, it’s breath was so shallow. I picked it up and walked up my driveway, which is a giant hill, and called my friend who is a wildlife rehabilitator. I asked her what I should do. She said if it was still breathing bring it back down the hill and put it in a safe spot far from the road, that the mother would come back for it. Well, that fawn was alive because by the time I got down the hill i had little legs and hoofs all over me, trying to get away! It jumped out of my arms and ran into a dense area of bushes.

  3. How you paint a picture of what is going on here, warms my heart. I would love to allow my cats the freedom to go outside but between the wild animals here and the busy street, and what is next door to us as in lots of rusty junk, no, not feasible. In my mind’s eye and how I treat them however they are free for I have allowed them to be who they are without force. Humans too many times demand that their pets bend their will to them. Not me nor my husband.

    • I understand how much you love your cats through your various posts. Your concern is understandable. But, cats are independent by nature:) It is dogs who always want to please people and are often held in leash. Then again, it is just Clare’s point of view…Thank you, Amy, for your visit and comment

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