Ligo Haibun Challenge

Thank you for your wonderful contribution last week. We will abandon apathy and hold paradise for the future:) Jumping to this week’s challenge, we have two choices below. The first photo has been taken by Pirate and the second is from my collection. Feel free to share your ideas on word prompt, quotes or photos. We welcome your contributions.




After the haibun is done, include it in the link collection below:

15 thoughts on “Ligo Haibun Challenge

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  3. Penny gave me a bit of a challenge for this week, which I found … challenging. I gave it a good go though. Thanks for the prompts. They are both fantastic photos

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    • Hi Sunshine, The post was working fine at that point of time. But the link does not seem to work now. However, the collecton is closed so I am not able to add it once again. I will ask Pirate and try to include the right one:) Thank you

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