Picture it & Write – Phil and the Glass


“Why didn’t you tell me all of it?” asked Jessica, coldly.

“All of what?” asked Phil, as they walked to the beach.

“You didn’t clarify that your family property is to be donated to charities and you are not going to inherit anything.”

“How does it matter? I am an accountant and have a regular salary..” said Phil.

Jessica tried to swallow her disappointment as she looked at the floor. Then, she took a deep breath.

“Phil, I am sorry. I cannot marry you.”

“Why, is it….”

“No, it is not the money. I feel that you have not been honest with me.  You misled me. This is  not what I am looking for.”


“Goodbye, Phil.”

Phil stared after her. He was surprised that relief was his uppermost feeling. He looked at the glass beside him. The glass looked empty and unattractive without the wine. But, it was in peace as it reflected the sand and the sun. He felt like the glass.

This was written for Ermilia’s Picture it & Write. To read the first part, click here.


20 thoughts on “Picture it & Write – Phil and the Glass

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  2. Keeping things a secret or pretending that they are not what they seem can be devasting. She really wanted to give her heart to Phil until now.

  3. Oooohhhhh – I see how this is a continuation of your previous post – clever!
    So sad for Phil – but – better now than later. She was fake anyway!

  4. Another excellent piece here.
    What is impressive is that both pieces stand alone as short tales.
    You write so convincingly that one believes in your characters from the start.

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