Friday Fictioneers – Proposal


Phil was shocked. He had not expected this response from Jessica. She had always treated him with scorn. But, just now, when he proposed, she leapt up in the air, jumped on the table and danced with some waiters before running outside. Phil wiped his spectacles and slowly walked to the streets.

Jessica was now dancing on the streets. Amused bystanders stared at her. Phil smiled. He had not known that that he was so irresistible. Meanwhile, Jessica thought of what she had heard a while ago, about Phil’s family and their millions.

This was written for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers. Thanks to Renee for the photo. To be continued in the next post.

50 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Proposal

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  2. Phil is not very bright to propose to a girl who always treated him with scorn. A fool and his money are soon parted–Thomas Tusser

  3. Fools and money and the foolish are not together for so long. Sorry Phil, sorry Jesscia. Enjoyed the story, but I feel sorry for Phil.

  4. Dear Nightlake,

    I have to wonder why in the world he’d propose to someone who’d always treated him with scorn. Apparently he thrives on rejection. The ending line answered my question and made me laugh.



  5. Dear Nightlake,

    I loved this story’s story. The repetition of the word, ‘streets’ was a tad off putting but that’s a minor detail. So too is the question of what the waiters were up on the tables for to begin with.

    The ending was great. Still laughing here. Good job,



  6. I read this story backwards, from the bottle to this one, but really enjoyed watching both scenes played out. I can see the story on the big screen with all the drama. 😊 Love it!!

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