The Urge – Alastair’s Photo Fiction

alastair photo fiction

Walter had a splitting headache. He wondered if he had left his medication in his cousin’s lab. Thankfully, he located his pouch in his cabin. He took a tablet and sighed. Walking over to the deck, Walter felt restless with the passing waves. He felt an inexplicable urge to jump in. His headache now gone, he felt edgy in the ship.

Ignoring the warning deep inside, he jumped into the sea. He swam with surprising ease and was conscious of a growing hunger. A fish shied at his sight and swam away. Walter looked down hungrily at the fish and raised his head to stare into the eyes of a whale. He was surprised that he could understand the whale’s language. Walter and the whale had the same goal. He vaguely remembered his cousin’s experiment and observing a pouch similar to his own in the lab. Those thoughts quickly forgotten, he raced with his competitor for the nearest shrimp.

This was written for Alastair’s photo fiction. Come, take part and have fun!

34 thoughts on “The Urge – Alastair’s Photo Fiction

  1. I like how you shift from one view of the character in one paragraph to a totally different one in the next Very original!
    I also mentioned ‘ splitting headache’ in mine. 🙂

    • so glad you found it interesting:) Since he was traveling in sea, the tablet changed him into a whale..don’t know about its implications on land:) Thank you for the kind comment

  2. That’s a great story and it reminded me of a joke.

    Christian and Paul were prawns and Paul was sick of being chased all the time.
    I’m going to see the great whale and see if she can change me” said Paul.So they went off together and the great whale changed Paul into a shark. Over the next few days, he couldn’t help himself. He had to eat the other prawns and fishes. He was scared that he might even eat one of his friends. Christian would not come anywhere near him. So Paul went back to the great whale and asked him to change him back.
    He went looking for his best friend, but he refused to come out. “GO AWAY! YOU’RE GOING TO EAT ME!” screamed his friend.
    Paul laid against the door and said “It’s okay, I won’t hurt you. I’m a prawn again Christian

  3. Cool switch due to Walter picking up the wrong pouch. Much different challenges now, but not to worry if he misses the shrimp: I hear there are plenty of shrimp in the sea. A really imaginative take on the photo!

  4. Wouldn’t that be just the best thing, to swim with whales though I wouldn’t fancy competing with them for food. Great story.

    • Walter is a human who takes an experimental medicine mistakenly believing it to be a headache tablet. So, he turns into a whale. Thank you very much for reading

  5. Intersesting how understanding the whale and instint to survive kicked in at the same moment. The whaile could pull a Jonah and our hero could be lunch instead of looking for his own!

    • That is an interesting perspective, Jules:) well, the thing is that the tablet has turned Walter into a whale. That’s how he is able to understand the whale’s language. He is not scared of the whale, but wants to compete with it

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