Picture it & Write – The Holiday


“You have won the tour for two days and one night.” screamed the postcard and with it was a photo of a boat house and a floating bed.

“Imagine mom winning the contest!” said Francine.

“Come on, let us start packing.” said Felicia.

“But, just four people are allowed for the holiday.”

“You, I, Fred and one of our friends? Or maybe dad? Yes! That would be perfect.” said Felicia.

“What do you say, Fred?” they asked their brother, who was sitting, quietly.

“None of us are going. This trip is for mom and dad.” he said.

“What are you saying? Why not?”

“Francine, it was mom who won the contest. Why didn’t you think of including her in your list?”

“But, only four of us can go..”

“Why do you include ‘us’, btw? Haven’t they sacrificed many trips for us? I am tired of you both ignoring mom on any of the entertainment deals. Is that because she is outdated? She is the one who really needs and deserves it. Come on, let them both go. They need time alone.”

Fred looked at them, pleadingly, and they both slowly nodded.

Written for Ermilia’s Picture it & Write.


19 thoughts on “Picture it & Write – The Holiday

    • Well, it is the mothers who always give up their joys for their children. Many children usually take advantage and think that the mother is a fixture in the house who doesn’t need any time for herself. Story based on this concept..Thank you for reading:)

    • Yes. some pre-teens and those in early teens feel that if someone is outdated, just ignore them..so they don’t recognize or appreciate their parents’ contribution for their well-being..Fred here points out things to them. Thanks so much for the comment:)

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