Alastair’s Photo Fiction – Foothold

alastair photo fiction

He ran with the moving train, trying to get in. Luckily, he got a foothold, but was about to slip backwards when he saw an outstretched hand. He took her hand and eased himself into the first class. They spend the whole part of their journey looking at each other. The train was crowded the next day and she kept her books on the window-seat, holding it for him. She fought with school kids to retain it for him and angry passengers abused her. But, he always found his favourite seat unoccupied when he arrived.

Curious passengers always stared at them, trying to figure out their conversation. But, who can understand lovers, except lovers themselves?

She did not turn up one day. Nobody took the window seat, despite the crowd. They waited for him and he staggered to the compartment, looking stricken. But, he did not take the seat. He stood all the way to his station. He was never seen since then.

Written for Alastair’s Photo Fiction.

20 thoughts on “Alastair’s Photo Fiction – Foothold

  1. A bittersweet story. Such a nice thought that this couple found a loving time together … but then sadness when they parted. I liked the mix of both here.

  2. This reminds me of a real life tale with a happier ending. With the help of facebook someone saw a lost love and they were able to meet…I think it was after ten years. I am wondering just how long it will take for anyone to fill those lonely seats…

    Since I completely forgot about Alastair’s prompt…and now have read two tales…I’d better get to my own!

    • About the FB incident- were they both single during those ten years? In that case, it’d have been an amazing reunion for them. Even if someone else tries to fill those seats, will they feel the same or would it be the same..not sure. Thank you so much, Jules

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