Picture it & Write – The Price


Max hit the ripe mangoes with a stone. They fell down in a bunch. His mother had often told him not to stone a tree. But, she had told him so many things. And look what happened to her.

“That was pretty accurate.” said a voice.

Max turned around to see an intense bearded man looking at him. Max turned back to the mangoes again.

“Are you at school?” the man asked.

“No.” said Max, shortly.

“Are you willing to join LSF?” the man whispered. “We just need smart folks like you.”

Max turned away listlessly. The man quoted an amount and further prodded him to join.

“Will I get three square meals a day?” asked Max, showing some interest for the first time.

“Yes. You will need to undergo an extensive training. But, it would not be difficult for someone like you.” said the man.

“I am ready for anything. I just want food. It has been two days since I ate.”

This was written for Ermilia’s Picture it & Write

22 thoughts on “Picture it & Write – The Price

  1. I liked your different take on the image. This person didn’t seem to have much to lose and yet, their compliance may cause so much suffering to others. It’s strange the things we’ll agree to so we can eat. A great post. Thanks for contributing this week!

    – Ermisenda

  2. I remember I did throw stones to a mango fruit last May, but it did not fell like Max’s hit. I like the way you write flash fiction. I’ll try to keep coming back here.

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