Soul – Alastair’s Photo Fiction


Sameer bowed in front of the bejewelled silver idol before leaving for school. It was the last day of his exams. He copied word by word from his friend while the negligent examiner hardly noticed. So, a sprightly Sameer went to the prayer hall in his house to thank God when he found the eyes missing from the idol. He shrugged and walked away.

A bored Sameer asked his mother for money to watch the latest movie, but she refused. So, he hit and slapped his younger brother in anger. That night he opened the cupboard and stealthily took a large amount of cash. While slipping away, his eyes fell on the idol, which was bereft of its jewellery. Did his mother remove them? He shrugged again and moved away.

The next day his parents desperately searched all over the house for money, which was meant to pay his brother’s school fees. Sameer remained silent till the noon before slithering away to spend the cash on the movie and other revelries. The house was strangely quiet when he returned. He passed the idol on the way to his bed and found that it had turned entirely black. Sameer felt that he was staring into his soul.

Written for Alastair’s Photo Fiction

32 thoughts on “Soul – Alastair’s Photo Fiction

  1. Excellent variation ont the theme of the idol with implications that go far beyond the story.
    ‘Sameer felt that he was staring into his soul.’ – my favourite line.

  2. “Guilt: the gift that keeps on giving”, (sorry I can’t remember whom to attribute that to) I suspect that Sameer hasn’t stopped deciphering messages from the idol. Excellent storytelling, well done.

    • That is a true quote indeed. After Sameer copies in school, the idol misses its eyes – implying that he has lost his character. When he steals and doesn’t confess, it loses its color, signifying that he had lost his soul…The idol somehow represents him in this story. Thank you kindly for the encouraging words

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