Picture it & Write – The Disappearing Act


The magician told sixteen-year old Linda, “The first act would involve you disappearing inside the large box and when the box is opened, Mrs McNeil would come out of it.”

“What about me then?”

“There is an underground passage beneath the box. You can slip down to the basement. Mrs McNeil, was that clear? “asked the magician to the sixty year-old new performer.

Mrs McNeil nodded her understanding.

The stage was set for the performance.

“Now for our disappearing act.” the announcer said in a booming voice.

Linda smiled, parading in her outrageous costume. Then, the magician opened the lid and she crawled inside the box. He opened the box after two minutes.  An old woman appeared from the box and the audience applauded. But, the magician was astonished. She was not Mrs McNeil. Had there been last-minute replacements, he thought irritably. He disliked unprofessional behaviour.

The magician hurried to the basement after his show. Finding it empty, he joined his team in the first floor. “Where is Mrs McNeil?” he thundered. No one knew where she was.

“Okay, have you seen Linda?” he asked.

“Here I am.” said a young voice.

The team looked around, but Linda was nowhere to be found.

“It is me.” said the old woman, who had appeared from the box.

“Who are you? Where is Linda?”

“I am Linda.” she sobbed. “When I made my way down the basement, I met with Mrs McNeil. She looked at me strangely and walked towards me. I felt her disappearing through me. All of a sudden, I felt exhausted and my skin shrunk. I feel that I have lived for 100 years. Oh, what am I going to do now? Give me back.” she cried.

Written for Ermilia’s Picture it & Write

34 thoughts on “Picture it & Write – The Disappearing Act

      • I don’t normally do this but here goes at 100 words (?)

        “Spend a night with me,” she said. “And I’ll fulfil all your wishes.”

        “Dear Madam, shocked am I, that at this age, you crave for the pleasures of flesh.”

        “I am but pure and un-tasted.”

        “You are but a gnarled old wretch.” With a loud laugh, he threw his jacket over his shoulder and stomped into the dark.

        She turned to the mirror; saw her svelte figure and well-chiselled face.

        “Have I not well done for you?” asked the mirror.

        “But –,” she stammered.

        “Instead of beauty,” said the mirror, “perhaps you should have asked that I give him sight?”

        Don’t really know if this makes sense – but did it at one go – perhaps you can correct typos, if you see any.


      • The ending – I followed your que. Glad you liked it.

        If you don’t mind, I will stop here. But thank you dear, for the invitation 🙂

        “Un-tasted” – I took literary licence to coin a new word. Better than resorting to a more explicit term along the lines of virginal 😳

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  2. Give me back. What a great line! A magic act is another good inspiration. There weren’t many for this prompt, but they were all so unique and different! Good job!

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