Friday Fictioneers – The Old Truck

Copyright Indira, by way of Scott Vanatter

Copyright Indira, by way of Scott Vanatter


Rita looked out from her favourite window seat at the group of men on the top of an old truck. They shouted and whistled. Rita made a face and frowned at them. Her bus gathered momentum and Rita began to doze. She was awakened by screams and was conscious of feeling giddy and nauseated. Her bus toppled and her head hit the ground. Rita’s right hand felt paralysed and she was unable to move. She heard bikes, cars and buses pass by, but no one stopped. Then she heard noises and someone tried to help her up. She stood up with difficulty. Other passengers were also being helped by a group of men. They were slowly led towards the old truck.

Written for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers

53 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – The Old Truck

  1. it’s so sad about the cars and the bikes and the buses that never stopped… it’s true, never be too quick in judging others. great story 🙂

  2. All of us let off steam differently, sometimes as playful banter. Yet when help is needed they are there like supermen. Everyday heroes, often not in uniform. Nicely done.

    Thanks for your visit. I had to work on a time line with ages, wheres and whens to figure out how old the charactors were.


    • Was that a train accident.. but, yes. In most cases, people don’t stop to help because they may get into trouble or a few are too indifferent. Thank you, Aesop

  3. Oh – those guys…
    But – in the end – they were the ones who went to help.

    Recently a friend of my sister-in-law & the daughter were hit by a semi. There car got totaled & went up in flames. If not for two brothers on the road that night that stopped – they would have died. They were both stuck under the car.

  4. you portrayed the contrasting attitude well.. what it also shows is that people behave differently under different circumstances.. which I believe is very true 🙂

  5. Your desctiption of the crash itself is really good – unsettling and a dangerous place to be. And your tale just shows that you never know who might help and who will walk on.

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