Ligo Haibun Challenge – The Hawk


I prepare for my next act while awaiting my girlfriend. The fresh field whispers to me as do a pair of giggling voices.  Those two girls whom I noticed during my fire-eating act are here again, looking at me. My girlfriend joins me. She immediately enquires if I was eying the two girls, instead of congratulating me on my previous performance. I shrug and pretend disinterest. This is the best thing to do. A vehement denial could prove that I am lying and an acknowledgement would provoke her insane jealousy. If she prods further, I would turn further irritated. But, she drops the topic as we prepare for our fire act.

Hawk watches

love birds

half-hidden behind leaves


30 thoughts on “Ligo Haibun Challenge – The Hawk

  1. Love the way you linked the photos. I think he has the measure of his girlfriend and is wise not to answer.

    • Yes, it is better for one person involved to take an easy-going stance. If both are inclined to be obstinate and argumentative, things become tough. Thank you for reading, Rosy

  2. An unusual and interesting take for your Haibun ..I dare say many a mere male would be inticed by the beautiful women as in the photo.. but yes best to fly under the radar..especially if you are jumping over hot coals together – otherwise he would be burned further 🙂

  3. In so few words you’ve captured beautifully a long, and complicated relationship. And yes, it’s best to let things rest when preparing for a fire act! Well-written story.

  4. You got into your characters so well there, showing us different sides of personalities. I think you captured the man well too. For men the profession comes first many times, maybe always.

  5. Human nature. Gotta love it. You do know the joke where the husband says; Just because I’m married, it doesn’t mean I’m blind. If there is a good relationship their should be no cause for the green monster to emerge. But since we never really know the whole story – it is indeed fun to read pieces. And see how they compare to own own lives. Nicely written. Cheers.

  6. mmn that insanely jealous girlfriend sounds a lot like me ^^ you really managed to capture reality and yes, human nature 🙂 that sense of possessiveness, and of course that inevitable attraction and urge

    • Oh. are you very possessive:) Yes, he is unable to resist looking, but the girl here is also a little insecure. Thank you so much for stopping by, kz:)

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