Alastair’s Photo Fiction – Impulsive

alastair photo

Will gazed at the river sadly. The water was smooth, but what terrible secrets did it hide underneath?

Six months ago, he had travelled in the same road with his wife, Shaolin. They argued, as they often did. She insisted that they get their youngest enrolled in a new school as she found it difficult to pick and drop him. He argued that the present school was the best for beginners. Shaolin raised her voice and said that he never listened to her and this was just an example. Will screamed back and regretted the very day he married her. At this, she looked shocked at him for a moment. Then, she opened the car door and threw herself outside. A stunned Will stopped the car, but she picked herself and ran towards the river. All he could see was her white dress in the wind, then it disappeared with a loud thud.

He was devastated and his children were inconsolable. His loving eldest daughter had now stopped speaking to him. Shaolin had taken their happiness, hope and faith with her.

This was written for Alastair’s Photo Fiction.

29 thoughts on “Alastair’s Photo Fiction – Impulsive

    • Sadly, actions on a sudden impulse can lead to tragic outcome..The reason is something trivial. You are right, it could be pent up anger over a lot of other things. Thank you so very much.
      Thankfully, the haze is gone for now. .but sad for Malaysia..

  1. WOW – As in great take. But – oh dear – how tragic!
    The things people say in anger – I hear – have some truth to them. And – sometimes – the recepient takes it to heart & it can be detremental or in this case – deadly.

  2. Impulsive actions are selfish because the actor can’t possibly think about all those they will harm with their decisions but in this case, it is sad Will gave her such little worth until after she was gone. To tell someone who loves you that you wish you had never married them is brutal, and all over a silly argument about a school. Great work Nightlake!

    • Yes, some hidden thoughts may come out during small and meaningless arguments. And finally, the argument would take a serious turn. Will is short-tempered. He probably didn’t mean it, but she is also very impulsive. And this ends in tragedy. Thank you very much for reading and commenting, Cao

    • 🙂 He could probably have been more careful in choice of words with someone who is impulsive, makes drastic decisions and gets into a sudden rage. Thank you kindly for the read and the comment

  3. Choices. We can all make them. Some of us like to linger on our regrets, refusing to move forward making life a living hell. And then when a sudden realization is made, an irriversable choice changes everything. I would tend to think that this woman almost knew what she was doing. Escaping her life, while haunting the survivors.

    • Either she knew what she was doing or she was so mad with anger that she didn’t know what she was doing. Your point of view is really deep and thought-provoking. Thank you, Jules

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