Ligo Haibun Special

Hi Friends,

We are back to celebrate Ligo Haibun special with you. Ligo (Jāņi), celebrated from June 23rd to June 24th, is the world’s largest festival of nature. It takes place in Latvia, and definitely outside the capital, Riga. Līgo, pronounced [Ligwa], is also the name of our Weekly Līgo Haibun Challenge, and because this week coincides with the Līgo festival, we have a Līgo special. Now on to the challenge, in which we also have prizes for the haibun selected for the Honourable Mentions in Dispatches.

  • This week you are required to choose TWO of the visuals in the slideshow below, and write a haibun using each one in your haibun. The two visuals can, and should ‘interact’ in your haibun. I have uploaded 17 images. To view the other images, do visit Pirate’s blog
  • Your haibun should have ‘nature’ or an aspect of nature as a general theme
  • Do not write anything about Līgo – which would be too difficult in context and stylistically

Good luck!

Add your haibun to the link below.

Now, getting to the honourable mentions for this week:

Sarah Ann Hall: It is not just the humans, but the nature and animals too long for the sun. Don’t miss Sarah Ann’s powerful haibun on sun.

KZ: A young girl leads the crowd with optimism and hope in dark times. Amazing descriptions and haibun

Reading Pleasure: A woman crushed by poverty and desperation. A perfect closing haiku to the narrative

Anja: The sun dances and the nature waits to be admired. But, life is not the same for a woman who moans the loss of her lover. Expressed beautifully in Anja’s haibun.

Jules: Historical facts coupled with deep thinking gives out a unique message

Kir: Just walk with the tow-headed boy to feel his enthusiasm and excitement.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

19 thoughts on “Ligo Haibun Special

    • You are welcome, kz, and yours is a well-deserving mention. Thanks to Pirate and Esenga for the photos. There are a few more photos. Check it out in Pirate’s blog.

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