Friday Fictioneers – The Disfigured Doll


“This old piano belongs to my first wife. Would you play for me?” asked Charles to Ruby, his girlfriend.

Ruby sat in front of the piano and removed a disfigured doll. Slowly, she started tuning the piano.

Just as she was finding music, she heard a scream.

“How dare you throw my grandson’s toy to the floor? Who are you?”

Ruby saw an old woman with dishevelled hair and wrinkled dress in the foot of the stairs.

“This is my mother-in-law.” said Charles, embarrassed and resigned. He waited for her to leave.

But, Ruby picked the toy from the floor, dusted it and walked to the old lady. “I am so sorry. Tell me about your grandson.” she said, softly.

This was written for Friday Fictioneers, hosted by Rochelle. Thanks to John Nixon for the photo.

63 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – The Disfigured Doll

  1. I kind of was caught on the line disheveled hair and wrinkled hair. Was that intentional? A good story regardless as the girlfriends seems able to stomach a little conflict.

  2. In reading your story a second time, I picked up on details that I had missed. Details that gave a depth to the story. Such as connecting the grandson as probably Charles’s son (unless the mother-in-law has a grandson from another child that’s not Charles’s first wife). The doll being disfigured and the disheveled appearance of the mother-in-law makes me wonder if a tragedy happened happened to the first wife and grandson. Sorry for being dense… did I pick up these correctly?

    • Yes, you are absolutely right. The mother-in-law lives with Charles and she has kind of lost her mind after the accident involving her daughter and grandson. Charles is looking for a girlfriend who would understand and adjust with the mother-in-law. Thank you for so much for taking the time

  3. Lovely Ruby, and poor Charles – he seems to have had a run of ladies leaving! I wonder if the grandmother will heal from her loss. Perhaps with a listening ear!? I like the depth in your story. A bit of seriousness, and love.

  4. This is so good – so much implied without being said. Ruby is one understanding women and Charles needs to hang onto her – his mother-in-law will surely benefit. A sad story but Ruby injects the future with hope.

    • His mother in law would benefit for sure and Charles could also learn a lot from her sunny positive nature. Thank you kindly for reading, Sarah, and taking the time to comment

  5. Excellent writing! She will shortly be an ex-girlfriend, I feel. I was intrigued by the comment that the piano had belonged to his FIRST wife. Then he must have had at least two wives. I suspected the story might become a horror and that the disfigured doll might have been at one time this first wife. I feel this story could be expanded. Ann

  6. Awesome story.Thoughtful ending despite the chaos .Thank you for liking my recent posts.jalal

  7. Hmmm….makes me wonder what happened to the first wife, and the grandson. I hope Ruby is close enough to the front door to make a run for it! Seems like that’s what the MIL should tell her to do…just for picking up the toy and stopping.


    • Think the first wife and grandson had an accident and so the MIL lost her reasoning. Maybe Ruby would help her regain her senses:) Thank you for reading and commenting, Jules:)

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