Alastair’s Photo Fiction – Lovers and the Cop


Sameer leaned over Sapna, whispering something. She giggled.

“Hello! “said a soft voice.

They both turned back, startled. It was a policeman, standing near a chopped tree.

“This is a public park for kids. Can you go elsewhere?”

Sameer and Sapna sat in the beach, conversing in hushed voices.

“Hello!” said a loud voice. It was the same policeman. “This is a beach for families and the elderly. Can you take this elsewhere?”

Now, Sapna and Sameer stood outside the latter’s apartment, talking.

“Hello!” They both turned to him, exasperated. “This is a dangerous time. There are thieves on the prowl..’

They both went their separate ways, wondering if he was an apparition sent by fate to separate them.

The policeman, a bachelor, went to his empty house wondering if the omnipresent couple were sent by fate to mock his loneliness.

Written for Alastair’s Photo Fiction

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