Everywhere – Friday Fictioneers


When Navin visited Sameer after a long time, he did not expect to see ladies’ stuff strewn all around.

“I thought you writers needed cleanliness.”

“My wife just throws them everywhere. Anyway, it suits me. A ‘tidy’ house stifles my imagination.” said Sameer.

The balcony was comparatively empty, with a lone red dress in the drying stand.

As Navin took his leave and walked out, he met his friend, Chand.

“Returning from Sameer’s place? How is he? asked Chand, anxiously.

“Very enthusiastic..”

“His wife passed away last month. Did you notice a prominent red dress? That was what she was wearing.”

Written for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers. Thanks to Janet for the photo.

49 thoughts on “Everywhere – Friday Fictioneers

    • He has thrown his wife’s things around the place to convince himself that she is still around. but the lone red gown gives away everything. Thank you for reading, Jan

    • Hi Janet, Somehow got it almost close to 100 words this time:) Sometimes, I am not able to get across all I want to say in 100 words:) Thank you so much for reading and the photo:)

    • and it is not possible to remain practical and take things as they come unless you have an iron heart. Thank you so much for liking so many posts, Cao. Wish you a great weekend:)

  1. I can’t work out whether Navin is insensitive or Sameer is in denial. This is a very strong table of friendships, good and poor.

    • Would say that Sameer is in denial and Navin is unaware of the happenings in his friend’s life. Thank you for reading and commenting on so many of my stories:)

    • Yes, the ‘incident’ is a recent thing and he is still living in the past. Though Navin notices the dress, he comes to know of her passing only from their common friend, Chand. Thank you so much

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