Friday Fictioneers – Joel’s Summer Holidays



“Dad, are we going to the tennis club?” asked Joel


Joel was excited. He was glad when his school closed for the summer. He disliked studies and did not have the patience for books. He had already enrolled in the swimming class and looked forward to tennis. His father drove through suburbs and stopped in front of the public library.

“Dad, what is this?”

“I will return in 3 hours.”

“Wait. Don’t go” shouted Joel

This was so unfair. Joel neither knew the way home nor did he have money. He walked reluctantly to the library. He had heard that Harry Potter was reasonably tolerable, so he went to the children’s section. He struggled through the first page, but found himself engrossed as the plot unfurled. He was still absorbed in his novel, when his father returned.

“Dad, can you wait for a few more minutes?”

“Aren’t you angry?”

“Why?” Joel asked, distractedly. “Can we get a library membership card?”

Thanks to Rochelle for hosting Friday Fictioneers and Claire for the photo

69 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Joel’s Summer Holidays

    • Thanks, Alastair:) At least, his father is trying to inculcate the habit of reading in Joel. Whether he takes it forward from novel to studies remains to be seen:) Thank you!

      • It does. Sometimes doing that is the best way. I did something similar with my daughter. I took everything electronic off of her and she was left with one book. Two days later I said about giving the stuff back, and she said it didn’t bother her, she was reading 🙂

    • Ha! Ha! Ha! You make me laugh, Eric. Reminded of my own stupid action during my teens. During learning swimming lesson with my dad, he often commented on my butt. My butt was seen on the pool. I can’t stand of myself. So hard to stick out my head. Angrily, I left the children pool alone while my dad was guiding my sister, mother, and brother. Walked slowly to the middle of the adult pool and … JUMP! I did this twice. Fear sets in. My hands waved the water strongly with my legs to keep myself afloat. Thank God I was rescued twice. Then I stopped 😦
      Thank God that now, I can swim 🙂

  1. Dear Nightlake,
    That dad had his thinking cap on for sure. I have to wonder what would’ve happened if the boy hadn’t been interested in the books at all. The story might have had a very different ending.
    Well done,

    • Hi Rochelle, You are right. I thought about that after writing this..Joel probably would have been sulking somewhere around the library when his father returned and the plan would have been a failure. but wanted to draft a positive story based on the library:) Thank you so much for reading and sharing your thoughts

  2. i love your dad in this story because he allows his child to discover on his own the magical world of reading…the power of self discovery! great story, Nightlake ♥

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