The Champion – Alastair’s Photo Fiction


Max started his car on a high. He had just been selected to represent his country in the formula 1 racing championship. He had to thank the drug dealers for this. He laughed aloud in his drug-induced state. The doping committee had been none the wiser.

He had started slow and then zoomed ahead, leaving the other cars behind. He had taken a quick left. Bang! Why did his head hurt? In his semi-conscious state, Max realized that he was not on the circuits, but on the streets now. He had tried to run into a building. He looked back to see a couple of fruit carts toppled on the streets. Some platform dwellers were screaming at him. A policeman stood near his window, eying him grimly.

Written for Alastair’s photo fiction

14 thoughts on “The Champion – Alastair’s Photo Fiction

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  2. Knowing someone who lost someone due to a someone on drugs driving, I can appreciate this and that he got what he deserved. I think you have done a brilliant job telling from his side.

    Thank you for taking part 🙂

    • That’s really painful and sad. Drunk or drug-induced drivers get arrested in many cases, but the damage is already done. Thank you kindly for the comment and the opportunity you have provided us

      • It is. I wish people would get the message. Where I used to live, one of my neighbours was charged for drink-driving and lost his license for 12 months. Within two weeks of getting his license back, he was charged with it again!! He lost his license for three years. Personally after a second tine I think he should have lost it permanently.

      • Oh, it is very difficult for drunk people to give up on their habits. Guess laws should be amended. In some countries, the rich and powerful can get away with drunk-driving. (Law and police deal leniently with them)

      • It’s very sad that some people can get away with drunk driving 😦
        Drunk driving may kill innocent drivers and/or even passengers 😦

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