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Sal could see the school’s locker room from the streets. The students hurriedly opened their lockers and took out their things. He always visited the school at 7:45 AM. The gates would be briefly open till 8:30. He loved watching the students in their uniforms and shining shoes, their hair neatly done. His own public school would begin at 9:00. They had no locker rooms; just a creaky desk to keep their study materials. If anyone left their books overnight, the next day it would be stolen. They had no uniforms and even teachers did not attend classes regularly.

His teachers did not prefer their own students and often spoke of moving to a private school. Sal felt his soiled pockets for the lottery ticket. Yes, it was still there. He had purchased it with the money his mom had given him to buy chocolates. He had been buying lottery tickets for the past one year. Maybe one day…With a longing look at the private school, Sal walked away.

This was written for Ermilia’s Picture it & Write.

15 thoughts on “Picture it & Write

  1. This was a great story to highlight the differences between some public and private schools. I may be ignorant and Australia may differ from other countries, but the private and public schools I have seen did not differ that severely. Mind you, I live in a city. The difference between a rural and urban school are likely to differ by A LOT. Regardless, it’s an important issue to raise. Why are some children raised with “better” education? I saw a great image once that said, ‘what if the cure to cancer is in the mind of an uneducated child?’ Powerful stuff. Thanks for writing this week at Picture it & write!

    – Ermisenda

    • Hi Ermilia, In some parts of the world, public/government schools have few facilities. almost none..This leads to the students desiring education and ‘things’ that they could not have..Thank you so much for the comment.

    • The ‘lottery’ is highly unlikely to succeed. He might probably succeed in his career and get things he wants to have, I hope:) Thank you so much for the commenting.

    • He might have seen adults buying lottery tickets. He understands that money is the means to everything..and he buys some in the misplaced hope of getting rich..Thank you for the read and the comment

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