Friday Fictioneers: The Future


Jim stood up after explaining the job details to Jon. Now, it was up to Jon to carry it forward. Jim looked around his office. He had joined as a fresh graduate 5 years ago. He had learned so much here; experienced joy, endured pressures and disappointments. This was the time to move on, towards career growth. Jim would miss everything here, his team, his place by the window and the plastic flowers, which would never grow old or move anywhere.

Thank you, Rochelle, for hosting Friday Fictioneers and Lora Mitchell for the picture.

59 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: The Future

  1. You raised interesting philosophy about how people think – in a way, it’s absurd Jim would focus on the flowers, but that is what is so strong about the piece,and one senses that is what he would do. The workplace is now a place of permanent change – we can try to hide it with symbols of permanence, but doesn’t work.

    • True. He’d miss his workplace a lot. He feels excited and also a little guilty for leaving. Jim is aware that all known faces would leave at some point and he thinks of the unmoving plastic flowers..Thank you for exploring this point and commenting in detail. I look forward to your insightful comments. Thanks!

    • Great job! I love the flowers never growing like perhaps some of the people in the office. Jim is moving on and in the sadness of leaving he can see a bright future ahead of him….Very real to life. Well done! Good for Jim. Lets hope Jon can do the same in the future.

    • You have a good point here:) but you know, some people are sentimental and attached to certain objects..It may seem illogical and cannot be explained..but that is the way it is…Thank you for sharing your thoughts..

  2. Ooh I like you worked the flowers in to this, very genuine story, I think everybody feels this way at some point. Good job!

  3. What struck me was that after 5 years, he was leaving because that’s the way his career would grow. I know that’s how it is these days, a far cry from my father staying with one company his entire life, but it makes for lots of difficult change and short relationships (although not all change is bad and not all relationships will be lost.)


    • Yes, people no longer want to work in the same place..they want to explore new things and try different jobs..and yes, you can always stay in touch with your friend. Thanks a lot for commenting:)

  4. I know how it feels to get attached to co-workers, It’s best he move on now or he may find himself in the same job for many years to come. That’s what career driven people do. Well written story.

  5. Dear Nightlake,
    I once turned down a job transfer because of a great situation and relationships at work. I hope your mc is moving up to better places. Different take.

  6. I guess what you’re saying is, like a root-bound plant Jim had grown all he could in this enviroment and it was time to move on. Hopefully, he’ll find a fertile place to set down new roots and blossom.

  7. i like the tie in with the plastic flowers and the idea it represents stagnation. Jim looks like he’s heading the right way. love you story, Padmini. ♥

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