Friday Fictioneers – Nasim’s House

Friday fictioneers


When Nasim, the politician, built his house, he decided to invest everything in it. The money from land scam, his biggest achievement, was his source for marble tiles. The funds from construction and oil scam, he had meticulously committed, went towards other lavish amenities. The house looked humble and forlorn from the outside, Nasim thought. No one would suspect anything! He loved his house, which was the result of all his ‘hard work’, until the ruling party decided to place him under house arrest. Confined for 5 years to the walls of extravagance, he found himself detesting his house.

Written for Rochelle’s friday fictioneers. Thanks to Janet for the photo.

55 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Nasim’s House

    • don’t know of a ‘real world’ poltician involved in all these scams and detesting his own house after 5 years:) If that sounds like a true story to you, I take it as a compliment:) and thank you, Meme:))

  1. Great story! Where does it take place? I was picturing Iran as I read it… though that is probably because of the name Nasim and the oil reference.

    • Besides Iran, Nasim is also a common name in the Indian subcontinent..did not really think of a country..just a small story:) Thank you very much for reading and commenting..

    • Yes, it was the photo..doesn’t look a politician’s thought that Nasim would keep it humble from the outside:) Yes, you are right…They seldom get apprehended in real life:)) Thanks so much, Pirate

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