Picture it & Write – Ray & Rita

ermilia's picture it & write

Ray was lost in nostalgia as he looked into his drink. He was 22 when he met Rita in the same club on a valentine’s day. She was dressed in simple clothes, a sharp contrast to other attractive women.  As he saw her eyes through her glasses, he felt that he was peeping into her soul. They met at the same club till she learnt that he was a millionaire. After that, Rita slowly started distancing herself. She met him one final day, saying that she was going to pursue her masters’ degree in some other city.  Then, he never heard from her.

Ray could not trace her, despite searching every university in the city she had mentioned. Since Rita had never spoken about her friends, he was further doomed. He had met many intelligent and attractive women after her, but was not even remotely interested. None of his friends who frequented the club had seen her either. Sometimes, Ray doubted if he had imagined the whole thing. He wondered if Rita would come back if she knew that he had donated most of his wealth to fledgling charities.

He sighed, as he saw young couples dancing away. He visited this club every valentine’s day. He was 62 and sill single. Forever single…

This was written for Ermilia’s Picture it & Write.

22 thoughts on “Picture it & Write – Ray & Rita

  1. Maybe this V-day he’ll finally find her again! It’s a shame when love is unrequited…especially for this long! Lovely story. Thanks for contributing this week, Call2read. 🙂

    – Ermisenda

  2. Ray’s dedication and Rita’s principles are very moving. They are both right….at the wrong time. I admire both – a very interesting concept when reading a story, yo admire both characters. Should he have found her? Could he he looked harder? Maybe its another admirable quality about him, that he does not cause any kind of trouble to her at all,by hiring a detective or other possible ways. Is she right, even now? Possibly. If she does let herself be found, can she stand by her principles, should she? Maybe she…has a family. Maybe she does not have the same capacity for love. After all, is love equal? Fascinating story. Really liked it.

    • Thank you for exploring every angle here. It looks like his feelings for her are much more stronger, since we are exploring his story and not hers..so we don’t know about her..but then is there someone called Rita at all? after all, none of his friends (who are regulars in that club) have seen her. Ray might have created this ‘Rita’ due to his pent up desires and longing. it is open to interpretations..Thank you once again for the thoughtful comment, Pirate

      • Wow…………..very interesting…yes…the psychology involved is fascinating. I am just reading about the president of Kalmykia, a republic inside Russia, who is a Buddhist and self-made billionaire, but who also says he was once abducted by aliens…people sometimes convince themselves of things…

      • Yes, when reality can’t present them with the perfect partner (in this story, for eg), they make up their own partner, a product of their dreams..What is the title of the book? sounds interesting..maybe there are aliens, after all:)

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