The Ligo Haibun Challenge



The limping man in the dance floor still manages to appear majestic. Looking awkward amongst younger men, he watches alertly with one undamaged eye. He looks past the girls’ makeup and dresses, seeking a kind face.

Frightful, my tough visage

My heart is a fleeting lamp,

melting for true love

Written for the Līgo Haībun Challenge. Join in the fun.

27 thoughts on “The Ligo Haibun Challenge

  1. What an opening sentence! Especially for a man to read! You just KNOW he’s had a tough past – and I understand ‘melting for true love’ fully! I mean it is EXACTLY that,especially for an ‘older’ man. Sure, he can always open his wallet, but he is above attracting someone like that. I really get this haibun!

    • Thank you for your perceptive comment. Yes, it is the picture of a man who is older and has seen and been through a lot.. and you have pretty much explained everything this haibun wants to say. Thank you so much!

  2. Wow.. What an imagery you’ve created,, Padmini.. The limping man, the dance floor and the woman he is seeking, with a complimenting haiku in the end. Such an honest man deserves his chance!

  3. Hi Padmini,

    Quite a contrast- that limp and the majestic bearing. Brings in a great perspective about the contrast that may exist between what we see on the outside viv a vis the strength inside.What could be the circumstances which may require this kind of differentiation to be brought out?


    • It is a dance floor and there are young men giving stiff competition to him. Therefore the description. Those on the dance floor notice his positive traits..Thank you for visiting and commenting

  4. This is excellent. People so often forget that old people were once young and can still feel the same passions inside, or those with outward deformity can have beautiful hearts. I love the contrasts of your writing here.

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