Picture it & Write – Anita, the Dancer

Picture it & Write

Sid first saw Anita, the famous dancer, during her dance performance in the town. They met backstage, after her show. He said he had never heard of her before, a fact which surprised her. They met regularly after that. She was drawn to him and his admiration for her blossomed into love. Sid told her that his wealthy family would never accept a dancer. When Anita wondered if outside approval was even necessary, he did not speak to her for weeks. So, she decided to give up dancing for good. Though Anita was the main source of income for her family members, they had to swallow their reluctance. Sid might take them in after the marriage, they hoped.

Three months later, Sid told her that his family would never accept a former dancer with a different background. This time she was forced to give him up. However, Anita never took up dancing again, even after much persuasion. She works as an accountant now, for a meagre income. Her family members are still cursing Sid.

This was written for Ermilia’s Picture it & Write.

33 thoughts on “Picture it & Write – Anita, the Dancer

  1. that spineless half-man >< it's a tragic tale well-written. it rings loudly with real-life lessons such as never give up your dreams to anyone.. and don't love someone who asks you to forsake your dreams… not only did he break her heart but her will and passion as well. i could understand why he's being cursed by everyone.

  2. Ugh! I’d curse Sid.. What a loser! I can understand family pressures but to spoil someone else’s life is nothing less than a crime. And Anita should never have given up on dancing. To be able to do what gives you the most joy is a rarity which not many get to enjoy..
    Great storytelling, Padmini.. I think I got a little carried away! 🙂

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