Friday Fictioneers

friday fictioneers


“Where are you going? Why did you walk away from the tour group?” asked Nargis, running behind Ruslan.

Ruslan did not reply. His legs moved involuntarily into the deep forest. He stopped in front of a statue, staring hard at it.  Memories came in a rush. Sweet thoughts of Yalda! The tribal warlords sparring over their love, deciding to bury them alive. When was this erected?

Nargis was still staring at the statue, shocked by her husband’s uncanny likeness to one of the faces. Ruslan looked at her sadly, realizing that she was not his soulmate.

This was written for Rochelle’s friday fictioneers. Photo by Claire.

60 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers

  1. Ah! The story of rebirth it is if I’m guessing it right.. ? Nicely done. So sad for his wife though now that he knows his love was (or is) somebody else.

  2. This took me a couple of goes to work out, but once I did, I thought it was lovely. (I think you might have an missed the h off ‘his’ in this sentence: ‘realizing that she was not is soulmate’)

  3. A bit too esoteric for me to comment, other than to appreciate the prose, and aspects of the ‘Hobbit’ and ‘Lord of the Rings’ type theme, which is very popular now – but not, I’m afraid, with me.

  4. So, I’ve been thinking this one over while vacuuming… First of all, reincarnation isn’t typically my thing, nor is falling out of love with one’s spouse. That is completely a personal preference thing, so don’t take it personally when I say my initial reaction wasn’t overly enthusiastic. The thing is, I think your concept is really cool. I often read these stories with “What kind of novel could this make?” in mind. I could see your story as a novel about this couple finding this statue, Ruslan remembering his previous life with its dramatic romantic tragedy, but not realizing that his current wife is, in fact, Yalda. So now contemporary Yalda has a problem… How to get Ruslan to fall in love with the woman he’s already in love with. Maybe she knows, maybe she doesn’t… Either way, it could be a beautiful story set in two different periods.

    Okay, I hope I wasn’t too harsh. The main point is that despite initial reservations due to personal preference, I think you’re on to something here! 🙂

    • have heard of a few people remembering events from their previous lives..don’t know if this is true or not..yes, it could be very unsettling indeed. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts..

  5. Lovely tale. It could be telling of one of those incidents that represent an opportunity to work out some ‘karma’ perhaps? A crossroads tale. Even, perhaps, the realisation could come that there is no such thing as a soulmate. Many possibilities here! Ann

    • Yes, this tale could have many possibilities..Your ideas are interesting. Thank you so much, Ann, for reading and the kind comment. just read yours and found it well written.

  6. Sensational post.Sad yet meaningful.Thank you for stopping by.Best regards.Jalal

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