Sea Pebbles



The tempestuous sea, with its haunting music,

deposits small pebbles, with different colours,

shapes and textures, all smooth after years of

life in sea, competing in their artistic beauty

Each of these invaluable gems

is picked for free by those

who have walked the earth for few years

only to be thrown away

once they are tired of it

22 thoughts on “Sea Pebbles

  1. Ah, padmini I need to make more time in my day to visit you. Your’s is one of the few blogs that I actually feel more rested and at peace when I visit and I leave. And of course your words are always so very beautiful that it’s hard to just call them poetry, they are quite in a class by themselves, moving imagery of emotions, sensations and feelings. Thank you. I’m going to be here awhile reading to catch up and will just hit the like button on each one, as I know they will all be exceptional, just wanted to make sure you know how I feel about your talent/gift, my most special and cherished friend! Penny xx

    • Hi Penny, so glad you took the time to visit here. Thank you so much for the appreciation.. have started trying 100-word fiction of late. that is the only difference, I guess:) Though nature is my comfort zone, I am also moving out every once in a while:) I always look forward to your visits. Thank you:)

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