Picture it & Write

Pills__Picture it & Write


My confidence has betrayed me

and mental strength has abandoned me

Let me to take solace

in the dangerous tablets,

seemingly insignificant

Let me take the first one

and go into dizzy joy

A second tiny one

to escape into a fantasy world

The third one to take me

to a delightful trance

The fourth one to

mild unconsciousness

and the ultimate one

to a dreamless world

with no despair of dawn again


Hi Friends, This is a rather dark theme written for Ermilia’s Picture it & Write.

27 thoughts on “Picture it & Write

  1. Oh, I’m so glad this one is for Pi&w…
    I hadn’t realised this until I got to the end…
    Phew; I thought there was something wrong…! However, now that my heart is slowing down to normal I can say:
    This was wonderfully written; so ‘hard hitting’ yet subtle as well…
    Well done…!

    • Oops….I am so sorry you felt that way…well, I never write about myself in most poems, except the ‘nature’ ones…just the narrator’s point of view…Thank you so much for the appreciation, carolyn..I was actually wondering if the poem came out okay…would you like to try as well?

  2. Wow. I love how we see the effects of each pill and the dark note you leave us on. Great poetry! Thanks for contributing this week to Picture it & write, Nightlake!

    – Ermisenda

  3. Beautiful semantics, starting with the ”Let mes” a much stronger voice like that. Yes, step by step, each step one more step down. Some powerful lexical choices, about ”joy”and such, and even the last line, of dark bliss. Very powerful.

  4. This is a powerful view of the addictive personality, lost on a path with no end … until … it meets recovery, personal accountability and a new life filled with freedom.
    I can relate to this poem, having been an addict for many years. I am now living, (for the past ten years) a life free of any form of substance abuse. The freedom, the joy and the life it has given me can never be overstated. I will try and contribute a poem to reflect the essence of the picture.

    • I am thankful that you found a meaning in this poem..Drugs can only enslaven and destroy..Happy to know that you are living a drug-free life. Looking very much forward to reading your contribution to the picture…Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts..

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