Wonderful Team Member Readership Award


Thank you kindly, Carolyn, for nominating me. Carolyn’s blog always has a message and is fun to read. Do take the time to visit her blog.

The rules of this award are that you have to nominate 14 bloggers. Don’t have 14 for now, but here are my 10 nominations:

  1. Sharmishtha Basu: An amazing writer, poet and short story teller, Sharmishtha is now exploring the dark, dark themes in her blog.
  2. Penny Coho: One of the most inspiring bloggers, many of you may be aware of Penny’s blog. Her poems, whenever she chooses to write them, are the best.
  3. Memoirs of a Dragon: The poems and Haikus in this blog are amazing and very meaningful. Don’t miss this blog.
  4. Pirate: Here’s a blogger with a deep knowledge and understanding of different cultures. He is very appreciative of fellow writers and poets with analytical comments.
  5. Boomie: Boomie is a wonderful writer whose articles and poems I enjoy. Her poems on nature especially make an interesting reading.
  6. David: Speaking of nature, David is a poet who explores nature with depth. His photos match his thoughts. David was one of the first people to comment on my posts. And I am very thankful for that.
  7. George: This wonderful blog has lovely poems, drawings and much more. The blog has grown tremendously with its writer. Do check this out!
  8. Alastair: In this blog, you will get to hear some good music, read lovely poems and more importantly, delight in a wonderful photo each day.
  9. Land of Fun: This blog has a lot of insightful quotes, videos and thoughts on friendship, beauty, life and other aspects. It would surely brighten your day!
  10. Mix-and-Match: This is a blog that is not only a great source of fun and refreshment, but also gets you thinking.  Click on the link and enjoy this blog.

Thank you once again, Carolyn, for giving me this opportunity to appreciate some of my favourite bloggers.

16 thoughts on “Wonderful Team Member Readership Award

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