Picture it & write


Spare a glance for my replica

It is meant only for you

to be held only by you

Her eyes sparkle with curiosity,

unlike my lifeless ones

She would swing to your whims,

while my hurting legs stay in place

Her black nails,

so like my own,

would subtly remind you

to hold me in your memories

long after I am gone

Friends, This is my entry to the Picture it & write category. Thanks to Yepirategunn for letting us know about this. Do participate in this challenge and have fun.

30 thoughts on “Picture it & write

  1. Oh, how bittersweet. This has a hint of romantiscism. Great writing! By the way, your blog is beautiful. 😀 Thanks for contributing this week, I hope to read more from you soon.

    – Ermisenda

  2. May be a new trend – illustrated poetry – apart from nursery rhymes and epics. The theme of manipulation, the puppet and the puppeteer works well.

      • Yes, I am in the process of varying backgrounds and fonts. I would like to experiment with photos, but I’d prefer to find photos for poems rather than the other way around – if that is what is involved – and there would have to be a suitable collection to select from. Sounds exciting whatever the requirements. Please advise.

  3. Hehe! The black nails have been mentioned a couple of times now… I never batted an eye at them. They just looked color-coordinated to me.

    I like the way you suggest the puppet as maybe a younger version of yourself. I am already finding that I am almost always a younger me in my dreams. How different is she than a puppet?

    • Black nails – just a matter of perception:) This poem was written as though the girl made a replica of herself and gave it to her loved one to keep it as a memory…This photo has been explored in many ways by different bloggers..I found your post on this very interesting too:)

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