Moon’s Gift


It was a moonlight night

With no stars or blemishes

On the still sky


I gazed awestruck,

at the looming moon

When a shiny object slipped

from the moon, falling

into the corners of my lawn


I ran outside and beheld

a shining stone, brighter

than any diamond, that could

belong to the earth

I preserved it in a velvet cloth

in a corner of my cupboard

Touching and feeling it every day

Walking around the world with a glow

not sharing my secret

of the moon’s precious gift


One day – I took the precious stone

to my lawn,

Desirous of relishing its beauty

in the full glow of the sun

The sun immediately turned

Its full focus on the object

Glaring greedily

and the next moment

My velvet cloth was empty,

no trace of the shining stone

Where did it vanish?

Did the sun absorb it?


The betrayed moon

never graced my lawn again

I had lost its precious gift,

but the sun stays for extra hours

Mocking with its heat and immense energy

13 thoughts on “Moon’s Gift

      • I enjoy visiting and then when I find I’m reading very well written words, I want to stay longer and read more.

      • I’m still coping with a lot — waiting for more opinions on what to do … just hoping there is consensus if i am to undergo another huge surgery. Have not been lucky this way… but keeping hope.. Your site was tons of fun to visit… you write so well ~ and always enjoy spending time when I can!! 🙂

      • Thank you very much, Robyn! Hope you are at least able to get some sleep in the night..that would be a temporary relief..

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