The Stoneman Says

Tough is my exterior,

threatening is my appearance

and hardened my countenance,

but beneath all that lies

a tender heart

delicate than any flower

and clearer than any pond


I have mastered this outward pretence

through years of training

and now I have no will of my own


See through my toughened body,

the throbbing of my heart

apparent in my eyes

rescue me from the stone I have become

and make me the human I want to be

20 thoughts on “The Stoneman Says

  1. You also have acquired a mastery of the written word. Beautiful and powerful poetry, I’m thinking that there are many who could read this poem and recognize themselves. Thank you for sharing your talent!

    • Thanks so much, Penny, for empathising with this poem. yes, this probably reflects the inner feelings that are not often shared..I feel very motivated by your comments

      • Your welcome. I am so pleased to hear you are motivated by my words. I find for myself that being motivated is a wonderful thing to feel! Go with the flow…:)

  2. Nice allegory on the human condition. There are many stonemen out there without the will to be anything else.

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