Midnight Sun – The Most Sought After Draft

Any fan of Twilight would devour the partial draft of Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer. The draft starts with Edward Cullen’s contempt of the human mind and his impatience with high school. He tries to get ready for a mundane, uneventful year. What he does not expect is to fall for an unexciting human girl. He surprises himself throughout the story. Be it his turning into a bloodthirsty vampire or getting ready to fight his own family for Bella Swan.

Edward’s pride in his self-control is rattled as he fails to get away from his temptations. However, he finds a new meaning to his existence. The life he considers tedious becomes exciting to him! He is the last one in his family to find a partner and he does it in his unique style.

The narrative is a lot more different from Twilight as it deals with the complex emotions of a vampire. We are surprised by the characterization of Jessica Stanley who actually turns out to be vicious when compared to her friendly act in Twilight. Angela is her nice self and Rosalie turns out to be far more dangerous than was imagined. Ultimately, Edward’s ability to hear the thoughts of different people is what makes Midnight Sun an interesting reading.

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